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quinta-feira, julho 05, 2007

Dia de más notícias

Dia idiota, este.
Começou mal, continuou mal, está manhoso, mas agora teve piada.... pus-me a fazer daqueles testes inúteis (para continuar com a idiotice), e eis um achado!

Your Brain is Purple

Of all the brain types, yours is the most idealistic.
You tend to think wild, amazing thoughts. Your dreams and fantasies are intense.
Your thoughts are creative, inventive, and without boundaries.
You tend to spend a lot of time thinking of fictional people and places - or a very different life for yourself.

quem diria??? devo dizer que sorri, e fiquei feliz por ao menos ter um fio condutor ao longo da vida: a cor.
Mesmo com o azul-acinzentado que me tem feito a alma em caracois mal amarfanhados, o roxo cá se mantém.

Ao menos isso!!!

Fiquei também "informada" que
Your Interpersonal Intelligence Score: 77%

Your Interpersonal Intelligence is High
You are definitely a "people person." You enjoy spending time with others.
You instinctively understand people, and you are both a good counsellor and mediator.
However, there are definitely times when you've had enough. And that's when you cherish being alone.

e que
Your Power Element is Earth

Your power color: yellow
Your energy: balancing
Your season: changing of seasons
Dedicated and responsible, you are a rock to your friends.
You are skilled at working out even the most difficult problems.
Low key and calm, you are happiest when you are around loved ones.
Ambitious and goal oriented, you have long term plans to be successful.

e por hoje chega de testes.
Tenho sido testada de mais....

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